We Partner with You for Strategic Growth and Value Creation


Success Partners are introduced to potential engagements via a desire to create increased business value - Value Plan. A plan is created that shows several things. First, it determines a Benchmark market value of the subject company. Second, it states what the owner wants the value to be, and when. Finally, it describes the strategies that are appropriate for the owner to achieve their goals. As many Success Partners claim, the appropriate strategies always “present themselves.” Thus, Success Partners are plugged into creating the Valuation Plan

Once the Value Plan is created there is a commitment of the client and the Success Partner to continue past the Value Plan to Success Partnering. For those prospects where the chemistry is good, the prospect is open to suggestion, and the Success Partner believes they can be value-added, the situation will move to Success Partner. Under this condition, the typical will charge $3,000-6,000 per month (depending on the situation), with warrants granted by the client for 10%-25% of the value created during the term of the warrant, which is normally 3-5 years.