We Partner with You for Strategic Growth and Value Creation


Privately owned businesses generate more than 50 percent of America’s gross domestic product and account for 80 percent of new jobs. On their own, U.S. private capital markets would rank as perhaps the world’s largest economy. If the private business sector fails, America fails. And right now things don’t look promising for this segment – 75% of owners are not increasing the value of their firms.
Business owners and managers know the game of business has changed in the past few years; they just don’t know what to do about it. Success Partners solves this problem on a company by-company basis; Success Partners coach individual business owners to their value-creation goals.

Success Partners:.

Success Partners are successful owners  or Executive Managers of private businesses who want to coach. Here are the characteristics of a typical Success Partner:
1. They've already owned/managed and exited 1-5 private businesses (sometimes more)
2. They may have stumbled earlier- but they were very successful in the later rounds
3. They are fairly adept on the Technology side - and are older for more traditional businesses view (above 55)
4. They have cashed in on multiple occasions, but still enjoy value creation and accomplishment.
5. They don't want to fully engage in a business...but 2-4 days
per month would be fun for them
6. They love to grow people/companies, but no longer want to invest their own money.