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Operations Support

Strategies for Success has the expertise, the formula and process to determine how to  maximize the highest opportunity of growth given current operational capital, determine additional capital need for deployment and how to mesh that with marketing goals developed in the strategic process.

The operations area of any company has many complexities. Some related to technical knowledge to accomplish the task, some related to the many various and always changing environments. Environments not controlled by any one area, but pressures and contraints from a myraid of internal and external contact points. Many small private held companies do not know what is considered to be the two main elements of understanding their ability to grow; capacity to grow and ability to create proits, more specifically cash. These are very important when considering future business growth through strategic focus. It has total ability to determine and control the ability to grow, capitial utilization for maximization, new capital needed to be employed and the size of capital needed from market sources along with the cost to acquire.

Operations support by definition encompasses all the processes for production, planning, storage and distribtution of products or services for delivery to a consumer, along with all administrative activites necessary to track, collect, report, and archive all the information to determine the successful completion of these activies.