We Partner with You for Strategic Growth and Value Creation

Strategies for Success raises capital for a variety of business purposes. Our Principals have extensive careers managing businesses who's access to capital is only served by private capital sources, versus public traded companies. We understand the private capital markets, perhaps better than any other intermediaries serving small to middle market companies in the U.S.

Private capital markets are much less efficient than their public counterparts. Each private held company is unique in many aspects of what they do as they are similar to other companies who compete in their markets. This uniqueness creates an unorganized market for capital needs as capital institutions have developed specific products, only useful in specific situations.  These capital providers need intermediaries representing private market companes to help them understand the company's needs and find a path to alter the capital provider's products and services one deal at a time. Private market companies need and intermediary to facilitate what could aptly be described as financial hand-to-hand combat.

The principals at Strategies for Success have the experience and street-smarts to navigate and negotiate the private capital market. Whether the capitalization involves secured lending, mezzanine capital, private equity, or any other private capital type, we can engineer the most effective capital structure possible.