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Acquisition or Merger

Many privately held compaies have a unique position in the markets they serve. This position could be a unique product or service, a unique service or quality of service or it could be a niche role they play in a larger market with larger competitors. Their market position has the ability to offer strength and resiliance related to market stability or growth. However, it can also create constraints for growth and wealth creation. Private held companies differ from their approach to wealth creation. Some have defined wealth accumulation to having a steady business that offers limited total growth. Others want exponential growth, but due to their maktersl, their product, their resources, organic growth from finding the next customer limits their goals and objectives. Private held companies oftern times determine their small market volume they serve in a larger market has little or no growth potetial, so they ask the question, should I diverify.

Aqutisions or mergers can play a key role in taking the business to the next level. However, each comes with risk, create a totally new platform for the organization to conduct daily activities and often new management structures.

Defining what are the changes and how these changes can and will affect future operations, ownership, control, management and many other various aspects can be daunting.

Strategies for Success has the expertise and hands on experience in defining challenges and changes along with their impact. Whether an acquisition or merger these events are in effect new partnerships. Partnerships with new owner/management individuals. Partnerships with new markets with new products, new customers, new manufacturing or sourcing needs and fianancial intergration. However these can be the best and most expediant method of reaching your wealth creation goals.